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Ashkan Image is a team of Editorial photographers in Houston.

Your search for editorial photographers in Houston is over. As a team of photographers and artists in Houston, with a state-of-the-art photography studio in the heart of Houston’s Fine Art community, and experience in Fine Art Photography, we are uniquely qualified.

Our photography has been used in magazines such as Houston CityBook and Outsmart magazine, and more. We have also photographed well-known dancers of the Houston Ballet, such as Harper Watters and Karina Gonzalez, and had our images of them used in various Houston publications.

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What Makes Us Different from other Editorial Photographers in Houston?

Our ability to create images that vary significantly in style is our passion. Our style is very simple: movement. Lighting, colors, and more, we can tailor to our unique clients to express their vision through our distinct style of movement.

We also are located in the heart of Houston’s Fine Art community, and photograph all our work in our state-of-the-art Photography Studio with cutting-edge equipment and working relationships with Hair and Makeup Artists, stylists, and more.

Our Studio

Our photography studio is state-of-the-art and includes a large variety of backdrop colors and canvases, a changing area, and more.

We have a live monitor during the shoot so that you can see yourself as you’re being photographed. This is an amenity that our clients adore because they’re able to give critique while we shoot to ensure they love what they look like, and get exactly what they’re looking for.

For certain Sessions, we also have a large, designer wardrobe collection from local Houston designers to be used during the shoot.

Unique Background

Our experience as artists is an asset to our editorial photography in Houston because our experience is from Fine Art Photography. This background is beneficial because we create timeless and high-class images that add a sophisticated edge to any magazine spread.

This is not only because of our experience in Fine Art, but it is also because of our cutting-edge photography studio and its capabilities. Because we are located in the Sawyer Yard community, we also have access to various other outdoor and studio locations as well if variety is needed. See our Houston CityBook cover-shoot for an example of our diverse styles.

Our dance photography experience, however, captures our ability to provide movement to an image.

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Often, a headshot is the first impression of yourself for your career or business, or in casting, to your casting directors. The reason why headshot photography is so important to show who you are. Not what you look like, necessarily, but to show your personality and your energy.

This is the very thing that sets us apart from other headshot photographers in Houston: our ability to convey your energy and movement in our photos. This is because our background in dance photography experience, allows us to truly capture YOU.

Headshot Vs. Portrait Photography

If you were wondering, the difference between “headshot” and “portrait” photography, is very simple. Portrait photography shows more of a person than just their head and shoulders, which is what a headshot traditionally is.

We do have standard headshot photography sessions available, but we also have more creative headshot sessions available. If you’re looking for something more fashion/editorial, then we provide those Sessions as well.

What also sets us apart from other headshot and portrait photographers in Houston is our large variety of backdrop colors (both classic solid colors, as well as painted canvas backdrops. This allows us more room for creativity.

Entertainment Industry and Auditions

The key to casting headshots is capturing your personality. This is even more important if you’re auditioning for a role in the entertainment industry. Headshots allow your casting director or agent to see your ability to portray a range of characters and personalities.

If you’re a musician or actor and you need audition imagery like casting headshots or portraits that capture your character, we are a perfect option. Our experience comes from Dance Photography, which prioritizes personality and performance. Your uniqueness is our goal.

Lastly, we also have Hair and Makeup on set on request. They are included in our Creative Casting Headshot Sessions. This makes a huge difference when on set, as a makeup artist can uplift your confidence significantly.

If you want a team of highly trained artists and Houston headshot photographers in Houston to make you look amazing, and to capture your personality, we’re the team for you.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call. We’d love to hear from you and to learn what you want us to capture.

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How to prepare for your headshot or Portrait Photography Session?

For individuals interested in an editorial Session to capture themselves, preparing for your editorial Session includes brainstorming on your taste in lighting, and colors so that we can create a mood that fits your unique personal expression.

Dramatic, with dark shadows. Bright and full of color. What sparks your excitement the most?

Hair and Makeup

If your Session includes hair and makeup, then find as many examples of what you’re looking for as possible. Look on Google images, Pinterest, and Instagram for looks that feel like you.

Backdrop Color

Choose what color you usually feel complements you the most. We can also choose a color together during our initial consultation as well. You can see all of our backdrop colors on our Instagram as well, for your convenience.


Are there any wardrobe pieces that you want to be photographed in? If so, bring them! We encourage our clients to bring as much wardrobe as possible so that we have a large variety to work with. We also have a designer wardrobe selection you can choose from depending on what Session you choose.

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