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Importance of Having Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist at the Location for Photo Shoot

As photographers, we love capturing the beautiful things in life; and every now and then, we find ourselves in the urge to raise our standard of quality in the images we capture. I, personally, have worked with dancers, models and influencers, and one thing I have learned throughout the years is having to collaborate with the right make up artist and hair stylist at the location of your photo shoot. I believe that any experienced make up artist and hair stylist would agree to that, and they would also have much to say.

Having just a great model for your photo shoot isn’t enough to make your images look outstanding. You need more than that! A professional make up artist and hair stylist would fit in that missing piece. Always make sure you work with the right one: the one who you can agree with and understands your style and motive. .

Why is it important to have the make up artist and hair stylist at the location of the photo shoot?

1. There are a number of factors that a model’s make up can get ruined: sweat, wind, accidental scratch, and many more. A professional make up artist have critical eyes for details and can quickly attend to fix them before the photographer does the actual shoot.

2. HMUA’s are also artists, and also want your photographs to look great, as their talent is also on the line. They may also give you suggestions, and if you are able to work with each other in unity, you will have such an amazing result.

3. Believe it or not, models aren’t always in the mood during the day of the actual photo shoot. Unfortunately, life isn’t always that easy, and you may encounter models that may have been stressed out just before the actual photo shoot due to the other reasons or female model is on her period, which ruins their stance and confidence in that very moment, and then would affect the beauty of the capture. Good news! Scientific studies show that wearing make up can make a person confident and even smarter (so go on, and put on some make up).

These are some of the major reasons that you will need a make up artist and hair stylist at the location of the actual photo shoot. So find one that is professional, and someone you’re comfortable to work with