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Our Process

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what we do


The booking process at Ashkan Image for any session is quick and easy. As soon as a client contacts us for a project, we schedule a phone conversation or an in-person meeting to go over the details: what you would or wouldn’t like, your expectations and your ideas. We respect every client’s preferences, and we help guide them to achieve the best possible results.

what we do


After the consultation, it’s time for the shoot. To add more magic to the shoot, we hire a fashion stylist and a hair and makeup artist to help work with us whether we shoot outdoors or in the studio. Designing sessions around what my clients love is key in creating portraits that will speak to their heart. Our team is experienced in dance photography, and we guide models and dancers through their poses. Once we've decided on a location, wardrobe, and styling you'll be all set! Our clients get a live view of the shoot, and at the end, we let them choose their favorite shots to move on to post-production.

what we do


It’s not over yet. We want to make sure that we provide our clients the best results. Our professional team will be editing and perfecting your photos one by one using the latest software version of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. We can deliver the pictures in any format with the appropriate release forms. In case anything happens to your photos, we keep an archive of them for 2 years.


A few words

Growing up in a rich and beautiful culture yet very restricted environment and later taking an adventure of self-discovery, photography became that universal language helping me to communicate the world.

As a photographer, you know how to capture a moment in time because the universe will inevitably change all, and that moment will be lost sooner or later if it is not captured. I wanted to create something spiritual and I decided to pair up with artists, specifically dancers to combine the arts and create motivation and energy.

My career aim is to produce exceptional, quality and unique photos that will be forever treasured and I want to give positivity and inspiration to all who view my photos. I take pride in providing professional customer service with the highest level of attention, devotion and commitment.