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Silos at Sawyer Yards 1502 Sawyer St, Suite #108 Houston, TX 77007

Ashkan Roayaee is a Houston-based dance, editorial and portrait photographer.

Ashkan is the lead photographer at Ashkan Image, a state-of-the-art dance photography studio located in the heart of  Houston’s fine art community – The Silos at Sawyer Yards. Ashkan and his team have been working together to create powerful, compelling dance imagery for over a decade. 


Creative Elements

True photography is a combination of experience and creativity. Ashkan takes creativity to the maximum, capturing high quality photos in the studio and in the streets with outstanding dancers and models. He collaborates with dance companies, fashion designers and artists alike. These images can be used for marketing purposes by dancers to project their career to its highest potential. Being an artist himself, Ashkan knows just how important portraying yourself to your audience is, and strives to create the finest images for each and every client.



Consulting with our client prior to the shoot is integral to understanding their creative preferences and achieving the best results.



Equipped with the latest technology and the best lighting available, we can provide you with the highest standard quality of images.



Our company has a team of amazing young editors, putting the perfect final touch on your images.

“ The perfect images can lead to the best first impression.

design & photographer


“I had the good fortune to meet and work with Ashkan, and the rest of their team in 2018. I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for Zip Hers and Ashkan Image.” - Debbie Mercer



The right wardrobe can set the tone of your photo shoot – it can turn a single image into a story. We collaborate with local artists and designers to offer stunning wardrobes to our clients.

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make up and stylist

Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

As photographers, we love capturing the beautiful things in life; and every now and then, we find ourselves in the urge to raise our standard of quality in the images we capture. I, personally, have worked with dancers, models and influencers, and one thing I have learned throughout the years is having to collaborate with the right make up artist and hair stylist at the location of your photo shoot. I believe that any experienced make up artist and hair stylist would agree to that, and they would also have much to say.



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