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Houston-based dance photographer, Ashkan Roayaee with Ashkan Image, specializes in capturing stunning moments of movement photography utilizing fabrics, fashion, and athleticism. With his creative eye and years of experience in the field, Ashkan has been able to create beautiful pieces of art that capture the beauty and grace of dance. He is passionate about creating unique images that tell a story and evoke emotion. His work has been featured in many publications and he continues to strive for excellence with every shot.

Ashkan Roayaee is a dance photographer who has gained recognition for his stunning and dramatic photographs. His work stands out due to his experiments with lighting, fabric, and dramatic concepts. He has captured many beautiful moments of dancers in motion, as well as creating surreal images that transport the viewer to a different world. His use of light, fabric and dramatic concepts makes his photography stand out from other photographers in the genre. He is constantly pushing boundaries with his work and exploring new ideas and techniques.

Dramatic Lighting, Creative Movement, Unforgettable Images

Dance photography is a unique form of art that requires an understanding of dramatic lighting and creative movement. This way, Ashkan is able to capture the beauty and emotion of the dancers in motion. With an eye for composition and the ability to capture the energy of the moment as well as the right equipment and techniques, he can create stunning images that will last a lifetime. Ashkan Image accepts dancers from all over Texas and beyond. Book your session with us in Houston, TX!

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Ashkan Image is unique and takes its place among the best Houston photographers by making the client the top priority. Each shoot is carefully planned out to suit the clients specific style and needs. Style-in-Motion sessions are our most popular and exciting sessions because we take the time to plan out a creative concept and bring in expert hair & makeup artists to make the vision come to life.


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