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Fashion Photographer in Houston

Ashkan Roayaee is a Fashion Photographer in Houston TX.

He and his team at Ashkan Image in their Sawyer Yards photography studio create Fashion imagery seen in various publications. His unique perspective as a fashion photographer comes from his background in dance photography, and his style is movement-based.

When this unique approach is paired with fashion photography, Ashkan creates shocking and engaging fashion spreads that truly showcase the dynamic nature of the garments. Fashion photography has never been as truly married to dynamic movement.

Our State of the Art Houston Studio

Ashkan’s state of the art studio is located in the very heart of Houston’s fine art community — The Silos at Sawyer Yards. Ashkan and his team work together to create evocative and powerful imagery. They’ve been at it for over a decade, and they’re fun to work with too! And they’re all passionate about Fashion in Houston Texas as well as dance. 

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Are you looking for a photographer to capture your designs in the most unique and professional light possible? Therefore Ashkan is your best option for fashion photography in Houston Texas. True photography is a combination of experience and creativity. Firstly, Ashkan takes creativity to the maximum — capturing high-quality photos in the studio and in the streets. Secondly, He collaborates with fashion designers throughout Houston Texas to develop their brand’s style and look through his images. 

His unique background as a dance photographer aids in this experience, as the movement he brings to his fashion photography is immense. Flowing fabrics, and a strong dancer’s movements really bring a fashion design to life. You can check out his instagram to see more of his work with local Houston Fashion Designers, and see what kind of fashion photography he creates, and the emotion he can bring to your work through dance. 

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We work hard as a team to give our clients the exact vision for their Fashion Photography that they want to achieve for their work here in Houston. We do this through our pre-production and planning for the shoot, as well as consultations with Houston Designers and selecting our local Houston Fashion Photography models throughout our personal network, as well as the designer’s. This is what a typical timeline would look like:

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Let's Get Personal


First we begin by consulting with our clients prior to the shoot to get as much details on their vision as possible. This is crucial to understand their preferences and their taste, so that we are most aligned with them as possible.

The Day Of


We are equipped with the latest and most up to date technology -- we have the best lighting available, and can give you the highest quality Fashion Photography in Houston Texas here at this studio.

The Final Touches


Lastly, our company has a team of amazing young photo editors to finalize your Fashion Photography. We will put the perfect final touch on your images, and then you can showcase your incredible designs to Houston, and to the world.


We are so excited by the opportunity of working with more Houston Fashion Designers, and to provide them with incredible Fashion Photography that will leave their competition breathless. We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

Fashion Photographer in Houston

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