Ashkan Image has more than a decade of experience in capturing a variety of dance and movement-centric photography, making us a go-to for any gymnast photography needs you might have. 

Our team has a uniquely combined artistic skillset that combines perfectly with our refined expertise and ability to properly capture the movement of dancers and gymnasts. We know how to best highlight your strength as a gymnast by showing off your muscles with dramatic lighting set ups, and can provide you with imagery matching any motif you envision. 

We have worked extensively with professional dancers from all over the world, as well as top-level athletes. You do not need to be a professional to work with us. We know how to best photograph your talent and work alongside you to find the best poses and incorporate your strengths as an athlete.

We are esteemed for our movement-based photography within the dance community right here in Houston, and have spent more than a decade cultivating the perfect environment for athletes to show off their abilities for us to capture on camera.

Just like any other branch of photography, gymnast photography can vary greatly in style. We pride ourselves on our unrivaled quality, as well as the diversity of imagery we can provide. If you are interested in working with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions you might have, or to learn more about booking a session.


We know that to create the most impressive gymnast photography possible, it is imperative we have a state-of-the-art photography studio that is fully equipped with the best equipment available to us. We are so proud to have one of the most innovative photography studios in Houston, specifically dedicated to capturing the movement of gymnasts and other athletes.

With our expertise, we know how to capture you mid-air. We highlight all of your most unique and marvelous attributes as a gymnast. Moreover, utilizing our ability to incorporate dynamic movement in our photography ensures we are capable of capturing even the tiniest details of your movement to fully emphasize just how individual your talent is. We even capture the most impossible movements in a way that feels natural and laid back.

As a creative team, we are intrigued by all of the various ways a photographer can light the human body to showcase the strength that your body holds. We set up the light to feature your muscles and the true strength that comes from your movements, and we are happy to create any specific lighting environments you would like, whether it is closer to a dramatic and dark lighting or something more bright and vibrant. We have the tools for any kind of look you want to achieve.

Our studio is located in the Silos at Sawyer Yards near downtown Houston. Moreover, we are in a wonderful location for outdoor sessions, as we are also located conveniently close to Buffalo Bayou and in an area bustling with creativity and beauty. 


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As a gymnast, having imagery that accurately depicts your strength and capabilities is important for a number of reasons. Gymnast photography is a great way to set you apart as a competitor and to stand out with your portfolio. Having striking professional imagery allows you to put your best foot forward. You are able to use the images to really show your abilities, your professionalism, and your dynamic energy and personality as an athlete. Not only is it helpful for your career to capture yourself mid-movement, but it can also boost your confidence as a gymnast.

Our history with movement-based photography sets us apart in our field, and our imagery will help set you apart as an athlete. Following your session, you may use your photographs on your social media, in your portfolios, for press, and more.

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Our photography has been described as unparalleled in quality. This is because we work with passion to create images that we love, but also we make sure that we find the unique taste of our clients and create something that they adore. We also use a live monitor during shooting to ensure our clients are loving every single image we take of them. This also lets them self-correct posing, and find what angels and lighting they like the best.

As a team, working with athletes and capturing their abilities while showcasing their individual personalities and energetic expression is what we are passionate about. Collaborating with skilled athletes and gymnasts is a huge honor for us. Building their confidence is a privilege and a joy that we get to experience during and after each session.



First we begin by consulting with our clients prior to the shoot to get as much details on their vision as possible. This is crucial to understand their preferences and their taste, so that we are most aligned with them as possible.



We are equipped with the most modern technology — we have the best lighting available, and can give you the highest quality gymnast photography possible. 

Houston Photo Studio



Lastly, our company has a team of brilliant editors to finalize your gymnast photography. We will put the perfect final touches on your images.



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