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Silos at Sawyer Yards 1502 Sawyer St, Suite #108 Houston, TX 77007

Our Photography Studio in Houston

Ashkan Image is a state of the art Houston photography studio nestled in Houston’s fine art community.

This Houston Photography Studio specializes in portrait, editorial, and dance photography. Ashkan Roayaee runs this studio with his team of dance, fashion & editorial Photographers here in Houston.

Sawyer Yards

Every Second Saturday of the month, the Silos at Sawyer Yards has a giant exhibition with all of our studios open to the public. Come by and see us! The event is held every Second Saturday of the month, and is from 12pm-5pm. The address of our studio for your convenience:


1502 Sawyer St.
Houston, TX 77007
Studio #108


Once you arrive at the Silos at Sawyer Yards, our studio is within the interior of the building at Studio 208. To find studio 108, you can find the directions below:

Park at the front, in the small parking lot adjacent to the train tracks. Then enter through the front of the building only. There is an orange door that says “Studios”, you may enter there. If you try to use any other doors, they will all be locked. This front door is always open and is the most reliable. Take the first left until you see studio #108.

If you get lost or need help, please give us a call at (346) 335-7973 and we will help you find your way.


As stated, there is a parking lot directly in front of the Silos at Sawyer Yards for your use. If this lot is full, follow the train tracks along the side of the building. You may parallel park beside the building, or if these spots are full as well, there is another parking lot all the way down to the right as well. Once again, if you need any assistance parking give us a call, we are always more than happy to help.


The Space

We are honored to say our Houston photography studio is one of Houston’s most high tech and state of the art photography studios. With giant windows that create an open airy environment, and our colorful backdrops, and fine art displayed on our walls we have created a comfortable and fun environment to explore our client’s vision. We are not only capable of creating stunning movement pieces for local dancers as dance photographers, capturing their full bodies in motion, but we are also well known for our fashion photography and editorial photography which can be seen in publications like Houston CityBook and OutSmart Magazine.


We have also become Houston’s leading headshot photographers, creating clean and professional corporate headshots and audition headshot photography, for local businesses and performers. Our lifestyle corporate headshots are a favorite among our clients.


Our studio is also capable of creative portrait photography for models, actors, and musicians looking to capture themselves in the best light possible. We often work with props and stage design and can create any dreamscape you can dream up.

houston photography studio

COVID-19 Precautions

Both for our safety, and the safety of our clients and guests, we have systems in place to ensure our studio stays a low-risk environment.


Local and state health guidelines are upheld and there will be social distancing and masks worn at all times by all that enter the studio. When being photographed, the mask can be off, and we will take careful precautions to keep ourselves at a safe distance with our faces covered.


We ask all of our clients to come by themselves, or with only one other guest (one friend, or parent/guardian if younger). This is to limit the amount of people in the studio during our Sessions and keep the space low traffic to minimize any potential spreading.


If there are any other concerns or requests you have for your Session, we are more than happy to comply. Please let us know after you have scheduled your Session if you have any special requests and we will make certain to accommodate them on the day of your Session.

Studio Amenities


A large designer wardrobe from local, well known, Houston designers. Such designers include the iconic Alan Gonzalez from Project Runway, the incredible Luani, and high fashion pieces by Mysterious By N.P.N. Our wardrobe includes flowing gowns, fabrics, dancewear like tutus, leotards, and shirts. Leather jackets and more casual pieces for an everyday chic look, and we can bring you from a high fashion dream to a cozy sweater and socks pairing in minutes. This allows us to deliver a variety of looks during just one Session.


Our Backdrops: We have classic white backdrops, but we also have a large variety of different colors that you can choose from to evoke a different mood. The colors of the backdrops can also change depending on how we light them, and therefore a light pink can even turn into a rich red color. That means even if you pick one color, you can get shots with different versions of that color as well!

Hair & Makeup

We use some of Houston’s best and professionally acclaimed Hair and Makeup artists – they are from the Houston Grand Opera, and are exceptionally talented at what they do. We provide a hair and makeup artist on set if requested, or if you have scheduled a Session that includes hair and makeup. Our Creative Sessions are such an option. We find this to be an important addition to our studio because we often incorporate movement into our pieces. Hair and makeup artists watch diligently and make sure not a single hair is out of place. We have your back!

Live Monitor

We have comfortable seating for guests, all with a monitor to view the images being shot in real-time. This is one of the most well-known features of our beloved Houston photography studio, as we can discuss each shot with our clients as we shoot and make sure they adore them and are getting exactly what they came for.

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Changing Room

We have a changing room for changing between looks in complete privacy. It is a movable wall barrier in the corner of our studio, and also includes a full-length mirror for complete comfort.

We are a team of Houston dancers and artists.

Each of us bringing our own passions and unique experience.

As a team of Houston Photographers, we work tirelessly for our clients. We are all here for our passion: art. We are creatives through and through, and taking the most incredible shots of your dancing, and more, is what fulfills us the most. It’s for the sake of art, and for our pride that we deliver both to you and to ourselves the impeccably crafted images.

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