Lighting Design Workshop by Ashkan Roayaee

What makes an image stand out from all the rest? It’s an experienced photographer behind the camera who is confident and creative with their lighting as they set each unique subject. That photographer can be you! Whatever your skill level, Ashkan Roayaee will lead you through a comprehensive lesson on studio lighting. From proper understanding of gears and function to proper and creative positioning, you’ll learn the ins and outs of essential studio lighting.

Workshops for all skill levels

Visually creative photography is a great way to help create exciting imagery for your business. With in-depth knowledge of lighting, composition, and post-production, the Ashkan Image team can bring your ideas to life in stunning photos that will draw attention to your company. By working with a professional Houston commercial photographer, you can ensure that all aspects of the project come together seamlessly and that the final product looks amazing.

Take the first step to learning everything you need to know about lighting with one of the expertly tailored sessions with Ashkan Roayaee!

photography lighting class

Ready to take your lighting design to the next level?

Take the next step in your photography journey and elevate your skills. Lighting is crucial to creating a stunning photo that impresses you and your client. Once you master your lighting, you can begin to create a more unique set up for your clients that really stands out! Don’t wait, learn everything there is to know about lighting in this design workshop made specifically for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level photographers.

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