Lighting is the most important and challenging fundamental of
photography to master. Are you struggling with your lighting design,
your equipment, finding your style, or just having trouble getting
started? Ashkan Roayaee is excited to offer a Lighting Workshop
consisting of three classes of varying skill levels. The goal of this
workshop is to leave you with a stronger understanding of what you
need and how to acquire it, hopefully saving you time and money as you grow and shape your photography skills.

Lighting 101:

*For Absolute Beginners*
90 min - $180
  • Lighting intro ( Storb/Continuous )
  • Intro to Modifiers
  • Stands/Basic Equipment
  • Backdrops
  • Location Details

Lighting 102:

120 min - $200
  • Intermediate - Must have basic knowledge of stands and modifiers
  • How to use/shape light
  • How to use modifiers and storbs
  • Light meter
  • Combining Multiple Modifiers
  • How to use radio, sync, speed flash
  • High Key, Low Key, Butterfly, Rim lighting

Lighting 103:

120 min - $200
  • Advanced
  • Headshot lighting
  • Fashion Lighting
  • Beauty Lighting
  • Large Stage Lighting
  • Drama Lighting
  • Harsh shadow Lighting
  • Spot ligting
HOUSTON PHOTOGRAPHY CLASSES - woman is lit with red lights while wearing a red dress

In this Houston photography lighting workshop, you will learn key elements of dramatic lighting. This workshop teaches dramatic lighting techniques that accentuate muscles while also being versatile to allow movement from the dancer. Ashkan Roayaee will teach you about lighting techniques and how he developed his lighting setup in his cutting-edge Sawyer Yards photography studio. You will learn how to work with studio strobe lighting and how to set up your lights for different poses. You will also learn how to choose which light modifiers to use to create your dramatic lighting.

You will also have the chance to watch Ashkan shoot and compare all the new lighting set-ups in real-time, with a dancer/model on set.

  • How to use studio strobe lighting
  • How to use the trigger and syncing it with your lights
  • Operating the lights and using the correct distance for certain lights
  • Working with diffusers and modifiers to create the dramatic light
  • Determining the right lights to use, and how to position them for your ideal lighting style
  • Positioning the lights, learning how distance and direction affect the image and subject
  • What to look for when setting up your lighting and how to adjust




Our studio is located in the Silos at Sawyer Yards, close to Downtown Houston and is one of the most cutting-edge photography studios in the city. We are nestled in one of Houston’s largest Fine Art communities.


Ashkan Roayaee is a well-known dance photographer in Houston that has gained attention for his dance photography videos showcasing his studio and work process. He has worked with dancers from the most prestigious companies in the world.

He has also photographed covers for magazines on a local and international scale, and his dramatic lighting techniques are versatile for all genres of photography.

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