In this Live-Session workshop you will learn how to operate a dance photography session from start to finish. All aspects will be modeled for you as you shadow Ashkan Roayaee, and his team.

This Houston dance photography workshop is offering a unique opportunity to shadow one of the nation’s most well-known dance photographers through an entire session. Not only will you be accompanying him during a live session, and watching him working with a dancer, operating the lights, positioning the lights, and guiding the dancers through their posing, but you will also learn how to plan for a session before the dancer or model even arrives on set.

There is so much important work that happens before a session begins that sets a photographer up for a successful photo session. In this Houston photography workshop, you will learn the details surrounding consulting with the client beforehand, how to get a feel for their unique taste and strengths, and creating mood boards for their session with different posing and lighting setups. The planning process is one of the most crucial parts of a photographer’s practice. Learning how to streamline and optimize your sessions, as well as how to develop a workflow that allows you to create the most beautiful imagery for your clients is imperative.

In this Houston photography workshop, we teach you how to operate a professional session from planning down to the direction of your light and how to adapt during a live session with a model. You will also get the chance to take some pictures yourself on 2 lighting setups.

  • How to communicate with your model/dancer to learn how to serve them best.
  • The consultation process, with a list of questions to ask your dancer to help provide them with their vision for the session
  • How to translate your dancer/model’s vision into imagery
  • How to create a mood board based on their strengths, taste, and personality
  • How to read the room to make sure your dancer or model is having a great time, and how to adjust in real-time to create effective communication
  • Lighting positioning and how to pivot for different lighting setups in a pinch
  • Learn Ashkan Image’s well-known dramatic lighting setups
  • Using a live monitor as a part of your photography practice
  • Working with fabrics to create stunning images with motion
  • Taking a picture of yourself on 2 different lighting setups.




Our studio is located in the Silos at Sawyer Yards, close to Downtown Houston and is one of the most cutting-edge photography studios in the city. We are nestled in one of Houston’s largest Fine Art communities.


Ashkan Roayaee is a well-known dance photographer in Houston that has gained attention for his dance photography videos showcasing his studio and work process. He has worked with dancers from the most prestigious companies in the world.

He has also photographed covers for magazines on a local and international scale, and his dramatic lighting techniques are versatile for all genres of photography.

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