Want to make photography your business? Want to better establish and grow the photography business you already have? Ashkan Roayaee is excited to offer a Business Workshop, consisting of 3 classes that take you from launching your business, to running your business, to growing your business, and everything in between. The goal of this workshop is to guide you around the mistakes that inhibit your business from thriving and help you make a profit doing what you love.

Business 101:

*Virtual only*
90 min - $180
  • Launching a Start-Up
  • Business Plans
  • Accounting
  • LLC
  • Contracts
  • Location
  • Digital Needs
  • Setting up Website/Social Media

Business 102:

*Virtual only*
90 min - $180
  • SEO
  • Website/Social Media Management
  • Hashtag Engagement/Social Ads
  • Digital and Print Strategies
  • Digital File Storage/Clouds
private coaching

Business 103:

*Virtual only*
90 min - $180
  • Getting Booked
  • Useful Software/Booking Tools
  • Pre/Post-Session
  • Customer Service
  • Additional Sources of Income

In this Houston photography business workshop, Ashkan Roayaee’s team will teach you how they operate their business, including marketing, social media, SEO, and positioning their services for continuous growth. You will learn how to manage a photography business from the ground up.

Social media is not only a great way to find your ideal audience, but to connect with them. It can be used as a tool to develop authority for your brand and services, while also acting as the perfect sales platform for your services in photography. It’s a visual platform meant for your industry and is the perfect way to sell and showcase your work.

SEO and a good website are at the forefront of every business looking to gain new clientele organically and without any outbound strategies. It is a long-term strategy and requires dedication and hard work, but it is the sales strategy for some of the most successful businesses out there. Showing up in the search results for what you do will bring in everyone who is actively searching for you.

Scaling is an important part of every business and requires you to set your goals and know how to work backward to reach them. Learning about your unique business goals is going to catapult you to the next level of your business because it will also inform you on how you should brand your business, and will teach you about the kind of clients you want to work with. Every successful business starts with a unique goal and a battle plan.


  • Learn how to take your new branding and translate it into an online presence with consistency and ease.
  • How to optimize your workflow so that you’re able to focus on your business while also keeping it afloat with your marketing strategies.
  • How to market yourself on social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok.
  • What content you should create for your ideal audience?
  • How to create consistent content.
  • Fundamentals of SEO
  • Basic branding.
  • Overview of pricing your services.
  • How to develop an audience and bring in the right clients.




Our studio is located in the Silos at Sawyer Yards, close to Downtown Houston and is one of the most cutting-edge photography studios in the city. We are nestled in one of Houston’s largest Fine Art communities.


Ashkan Roayaee is a well-known dance photographer in Houston that has gained attention for his dance photography videos showcasing his studio and work process. He has worked with dancers from the most prestigious companies in the world.

He has also photographed covers for magazines on a local and international scale, and his dramatic lighting techniques are versatile for all genres of photography.

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