Photography Lighting Workshop

So much skill and strategy goes into capturing a truly memorable and beautiful image.  Although most people most likely would venture to guess that it is primarily about pushing the button at the right moment and getting the camera settings just right, we would argue that lighting is the secret ingredient that separates average photography from superior photography.

Houston-based photographer and well-renowned photographer on TikTok and Instagram, Ashkan Roayaee, is excited to be sharing the lighting knowledge he has cultivated over the years by offering a photography lighting workshop.

Through trial and error coupled with more than a decade of professional experience, he has identified exactly what works best and is delighted to passing along how he creates such striking images with anyone who is eager to learn. 

“Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography.”
– George Eastman


Lighting is often overlooked and even goes unconsidered to anyone unfamiliar with photography practices. However, anyone who has even dabbled in basic photography knows the important role it plays in creating the images you strive for. Consider the power of light even in your day-to-day life: Sunny, bright light promotes a sense of happiness and wellbeing, whereas darker lighting tends to create a bit more of a melancholic vibe. Artists and photographers aim to make people FEEL something when they view their images. Of course, the range of emotion can vary greatly, but any skilled photographer knows how to create the perfect lighting to help evoke a specific response in their viewer. Beautiful photography makes one feel emotions and strong feelings. 

Basic Elements of Lighting 

In a photography lighting workshop with Ashkan Image, you will learn the ins and outs of photography lighting. Including some of the most basic concepts such as:

hard and soft lighting


the color and texture of photographed subjects

the direction of the light sources

The direction of lighting is incredibly important in determining how to best capture someone to focus on their best features, and the same is true for objects, too. Knowing how to work with shadows and light direction allows you to utilize angles and shape to your advantage to capture magnificent images. 

Moreover, the placement of light sources matters. If your light is placed in front of the subject, it will create a much different photo than if the lighting is placed somewhere on the side, which creates a much more angled and dramatic look. We are especially fond of utilizing lighting to create dramatic images that really stand out, and sharing our knowledge about this is something we are passionate about.

Strobe Lighting 


One key takeaway from this photography lighting workshop is the breakdown on how to harness the power of strobe lighting. A strobe light has a strong advantage over a traditional flash when you are seeking a quick burst of light.

Additionally, the light will be brighter. Strobe lighting is a wonderful option if you are trying to capture a subject in motion.


Flash Synchronization

Furthermore, in this virtual photography lighting workshop, Ashkan will walk you through the steps of becoming comfortable with using the flash trigger and syncing it with your lights.

Getting well acquainted with your triggers is a game changer for photographers, especially when you learn how to properly sync it up with your lights. By learning a few simple tips, you will be well on your way to syncing up the trigger in no time.

Diffusers and Modifiers


In a photography lighting workshop with Ashkan Image, you will learn how to harness the power of diffusers and modifiers to create dramatic lighting. In simple terms, a diffuser is placed between a subject and light source to help soften the light. Diffusers serve a different purpose than a reflector and they work by a different mechanism. Moreover, modifiers also serve the purpose of softening and improving the lighting, as well as softening any harsh qualities and highlighting specific elements of the image

Invest in Yourself


By investing in a photography lighting workshop, you are investing in yourself in the long-term. This workshop is an incredibly opportunity for those looking to increase their knowledge of lighting techniques and walk away with tangible strategies to begin implementing in their own photography. This workshop is targeted toward  intermediate and advanced level photographer, ideally having at least basic studio lighting knowledge is needed. 

Lighting is what sets the entire mood and tone an image conveys to the viewer. It is the most powerful tool in a photographer’s toolkit…



Lighting does much more than simply control the lightness or darkness of a photo. Did you know lighting is what sets the stage for the mood of the entire photograph? Think about it… lighting in a photo determines so much. Learning how to best determine lighting will be pivotal in how the texture, color, and overall feeling of your photo turns out.


Light is what helps photographers to communicate and convey feeling in an image, so investing in a photography lighting workshop is easily one of the most worthwhile ways to really expand in your photography skills. Knowledge is power, and we love getting to pass along what we have learned with anyone curious and wanting to learn. 

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Check out Some of our Favorite Equipment Brands


There are endless options to choose from for high-quality equipment. Every photographer develops a personal preference the longer they photograph, and it is usually quite a personal opinion. We know it might feel overwhelming when you are trying to decide what is really worth the investment when you are wanting to buy equipment. Here are a few of our go-to brands that we just love. 

  • Elinchrom – From softboxes to lights and flashes, they really consistently create unmatched products
  • Canon – We are proudly loyal Canon fans for all of our cameras and lenses
  • Aputure – We love using their lights in our studio for their color and dramatic effects
When you attend a photography lighting workshop with us, you will have the opportunity to learn a little bit more in depth about these brands and why we adore them so much!
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If you think you’d like to learn more, but do not feel like a photography lighting workshop with Ashkan Image will cover what you would like to learn, or if you prefer learning in an one-on-one environment, then check out our private coaching opportunities. Every lesson is catered specifically to align with your unique goals and  ensures you get exactly what you want from the experience. By learning directly from Ashkan Roayaee in a personal setting, you will learn not only his tips related to photography and lighting, but also business strategies and more. This is the ultimate way to up-level your skillset and is the perfect option for anyone really seeking to dive deeper in the world of professional photography! 

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