A Deep Dive into Fashion Photography: Why we are LOVING it



Photography is one of the most powerful communication tools available to us and it is especially unique because it requires no common language to understand. Just a single image can evoke feelings of joy, sadness, or create an opportunity for the viewer to reflect. This is true across the board for all types of photography. While asking us to choose a favorite type of photography is almost as hard as asking someone to choose their favorite child, we must admit that we are really loving fashion photography lately.

When people think about fashion photography, the first thoughts that come to mind are usually related to chic designer brands and the striking images they see when thumbing through a magazine. Of course, that is fashion photography, but there is also so much more depth to it than what the average person might initially think.  


So, why do we love fashion photography so much?


Limitless Creativity

Working in fashion photography provides us with no shortage of opportunities to experiment and let our creative juices flow freely. As a photographer, having an endless array of options for the setup and subject matter makes the entire experience feel fun and like a chance to tap into that inner creative energy that isn’t afraid to try new ideas. Fashion photography is about harnessing the spirit of avant-garde and creating imagery that captures viewers and draws them in.

When photographing more classic sessions, we tend to stick within a certain realm of colors for backdrops. When we are working in fashion photography, it gives us a chance to utilize bolder and brighter backdrops. Moreover, when we are capturing fashion photography, (almost) anything is welcomed. Rather than sticking to the run-of-the-mill poses, we love using bold extravagant poses that add an important, distinctive shape and feel to an image.

Furthermore, we simply cannot overstate the crucial role lighting plays in photography. We can assure you that virtually any striking photo you have ever seen had meticulously planned lighting involved in the process. When we are capturing fashion photography, we get to explore our creative depth with different lighting techniques and tricks.

Art Beyond the Subject

Fashion photography is especially unique in its ability to allow the focus to transcend the subject. Think about it… most often, the person being photographed is the primary focus of an image. 

When we are capturing photos for fashion photography, however, there is an equal emphasis on the clothes the subject is wearing. Just as every person wears a piece of clothing differently, they also move in clothing in their own distinctive manner, creating art within the clothes themselves. 

This individual flair comes out naturally and is a product of the model’s aesthetic, personality, and overall vibe of the photography session.

We never get any less excited when we get the opportunity to use clothes in such a dynamic way to create art. Each piece of clothing the model wears, combined with the hair and makeup selection is a creative element that contributes to the overall artistic feel of the image.  

Bringing Fashion to Life


To effectively create art within the clothes themselves, we must understand how to work with the model to produce movements that showcase the full depth and beauty of each piece. Ashkan Image’s unique background in dance photography has allowed us to learn the intricacies of movement so we can best capture it. 

Our mastery of movement is what enables us to bring the pieces to life during a fashion photography session. Every element of a fashion photography image should work together to bring the fashion pieces to life.

Our 10+ years of experience have given us the privilege of photographing many of the most talented dancers in the US, and we are confident in our ability to guide our subjects through various types of movement and poses. We have a deep understanding of how even the most minute movements and the directions of movement can completely change the way a photo will be captured. No detail is too small when you are aiming to create fashion photography imagery that stands out and successfully communicates who your brand is.

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Fashion photography strives to tell a brand’s story through imagery. All types of photography are profoundly important now more than ever, as we spend so much time scrolling and taking in visual content. When looking for someone to create beautiful imagery for your brand, we recommend you do your homework to find someone who understands your brand, your goals, and can convey who your brand is via fashion photography.



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