Boundless – A Collaborative Dance Art Exhibition


Dance Art Exhibition

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Ashkan Roayaee, head photographer and owner of Ashkan Image, is pleased to present Boundless, a group dance art exhibition that celebrates collaboration and diversity and elevates the poetic gestures inherent in dance. Seeking a way to connect and support artists during the pandemic, Ashkan invited twelve  Houston-based artists to reimagine and reinterpret his photographic images of dancers. Through the addition of paint, ink, and other various materials the images of dancers are transformed and placed within new narratives extending beyond the picture plane.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]



Cookie Ashton  ·  Haley Bowen  · Rylie Caldwell  · Leslie Gaworecki  ·  Jeanne Jones  ·  Marthann Masterson  ·  Julia McLaurin  ·  Amy Malkan  ·  Nergis Mustafa  ·  Barbara Rubenstein  ·  Marlo Saucedo  ·  Carol Simon  ·  Oluseyi Soyege

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Visit this amazing exhibition at:

The Silos at Sawyer Yards
1502 Sawyer St Bay 200
Houston, TX 77007

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Would you like to schedule a private viewing?

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Leslie Gaworecki: “Gloria” (#2 in gallery above)

I’ve always loved Ashkan’s photos of dancers in the city.   I think it’s the push and pull between softness and strength that gets me.  The emotions in the dancer’s movement against the stoic buildings, gentle poses created with tensed and hardened muscles.  Soft pink ballet shoes against hard grey concrete. The swirling movement of the dress around Gloria while her gaze is so steady drew me to the original photo.  I wanted to push that feeling using my own medium, making Gloria look like she was dipped in paint.

Marlo Saucedo: “Zoe” (#12 in gallery above)

Artist Marlo Saucedo uses words to create her pieces. The entire fairy tale  of “Little Red Riding Hood” is written into this piece as the woods. Dancer Zoe Hayman is Red, who throws off her cloak and leaves it behind. This represents freedom from her past and the creation of her own future.

Riley Caldwell: “Soo” (#1 in gallery above)

In this collaboration with Ashkan my aim was to celebrate the passionate, blissful expression upon the dancer’s face. She looks to be floating in such an ethereal way. I wanted my brushstrokes to simply enhance her buoyancy.  The remnants bouncing off of her fingertips and creating an arc overhead represent an angelic moment. Her world is at complete peace.

Haley Bowen: “Estheysis and Sam” (#3 in gallery above)

Through a brief moment of pause and lift, the two bodies create a perfectly balanced and linear composition. There are parallel lines and matching negative spaces. It is a standstill of two forces coming together, the moment of tension belongs simply to his hands and her waist. As I worked over the existing composition, I aimed to capture the magnitude of energy between the male and female dancer, and the transfer of energy needed to create this shape. On top of the cotton rag print, I used tools that would work well with the metallic painted bodies: graphite, white pencil, and white gesso. I was questioning how to evoke motion with a standstill image as a painter, but the fluidity of the mediums I chose and the freedom of my hand placed me in the composition as if I could see the models coming into this shape in person.


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