Street Dance vs. Studio Dance Photography

Street Dance Photography

Whether you are the dancer or the photographer, you may be asking yourself what is best for your upcoming session…studio or street dance photography? Well, it depends completely on the look and feel you want for your images. Both can create stunning imagery and both have their pros and cons. At Ashkan Image, we have had the honor of shooting professional dancers, students, and artists both in the streets and in our studio. Let’s talk about whether taking it to the streets or keeping it in the studio is right for you!

First, let’s talk about the variety.

When you are photographing in the streets (meaning particularly in an urban or city setting), the world is at your pretty pointed feet. You can explore endless environments, scenes, and styles amongst city buildings, brick walls, historic architecture, you name it. Your variety comes with these different environments. Make sure you take time to survey your areas so that you know just where you are going, and that you have safe access to areas for you and whoever is with you on the shoot.

Now when it comes to studio dance photography, you may not have different environments, but you can have the chance to explore more with color and light. Creative lighting and colored backgrounds can give you a variety of moods and styles.

So when it comes to the variety in studio vs. street… do you want editorial color? Or do you want an environmental story?

street dance photography reflection

street dance photography black and white arch

street dance photography elegant creme dress

Light is the paint to a photographer’s paintbrush and is one of the biggest differences between an indoor studio session, and one outside in the streets.

Next, let’s talk about light.

Light is the paint to a photographer’s paintbrush and is one of the biggest differences between an indoor studio session, and one outside in the streets.

Street dance photography with the most natural look, uses natural light and shadow. You can achieve soft and even light, dreamy shadows, or bright and sunny pops! However you will be limited in the time of day that will give you light that is actually usable for your shoot. Early morning or sunset time, NEVER at high noon!

Now with studio dance photography your light now becomes the main source of the creativity in your session. Bright, edgy, colorful, spots, moody, understated, complimentary, you can create whatever kind of image that you want to see with controlled light within the studio.

And now, let’s talk about accessibility.

When we say accessibility, this can mean logistics, it can mean finance, or it can mean equipment. Maybe you don’t have a high caliber photography studio in your area, or the finances to get yourself into that studio just yet. The beauty in your city is always there, and you can create some beautiful imagery with just you and your subject/photographer in that environment.

If you are a photographer yourself, perhaps you haven’t built up the equipment or have access to a studio to create in-studio imagery. The world is your oyster, and you can tell your story in the street.

If you DO have access to the kind of photographer with a well-equipped studio, then you can take that opportunity to explore that world of studio light!

So really it is all up to you. Color, story-telling, natural environment, edge, ease…these will be what makes your decision. Street or studio photography? Have a great session!

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