Dance Photography: New Year, New Possibilities

2022: New Year, New Possibilities

Happy New Year to everyone! Ashkan Image had one of the most incredible years so far in 2021. From having the amazing opportunity to capture some of the amazing US Olympic gymnasts, to expanding our portfolio by working with countless talented dancers from all over the United States, we really got to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible and reach new levels of creative movement and dance photography.  As we welcome 2022 with open arms and are hitting the ground running, we cannot help but look forward with wide-eyed excitement and enthusiasm.  Ashkan Image has so many exciting things coming up this year, including a variety of new offerings. We have been so eager to begin revealing everything we have up our sleeve. Furthermore, we feel so confident that the new opportunities and relationships we will have this year have the potential to create a whole new paradigm within the realm of dance photography.

Fun in Miami

Will Smith put it simply: “welcome to Miami,” which was Ashkan Image’s tone for the beginning of 2022. Although Miami is known for its stunning beaches and year-round warm temperatures, we were there for several professional dance photography sessions. We initially made the trip to photograph several dancers from a company based in Miami, and then decided to open our books to the public for any other dancers in the city interested in being photographed. We got to meet and photograph so many wonderful, talented dancers and we had such a blast! Thanks for having us, Miami. We would love to come back and provide more opportunities for dance photography in Miami sometime soon.

We are Coming to Dallas January 14-17, 2022

We always say life moves fast, and that’s one reason we love to capture movement-based photography. In true fast-moving fashion, we already have another weekend of traveling for dance photography coming up. Next up on our agenda: We will be in Dallas, Texas January 14-17, 2022. We are heading to Dallas for the opportunity to capture more brilliant dancers showing their skills.


It is never any less profound to watch the ways in which dancers perform so gracefully that it almost appears effortless, despite taking a highly concentrated amount of focus and mastery for even the simplest movements. If you are located near the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and have been looking for dance photography in Dallas, we would love to photograph you this weekend! You can learn more about how to book here.

We are always adding more cities to our travel list! If you are outside of the Houston area, don’t fret. Reach out to us to learn more about how you can book Ashkan Image for any of your dance photography needs.

Pas de Deux Dance Photography Conference

Continuing with the theme of new, wonderful opportunities in 2022, Ashkan was invited to speak at the Pas de Deux Conference in Austin, TX in February! This is truly a dream come true and one of the highest honors for him, as he will be surrounded by several of the most prolific, brilliant artists within the photography community, specifically the dance photography community. To say he has watched hours of workshops from the profoundly talented Lois Greenfield and Joe McNally is by no stretch an exaggeration. Moreover, he has all of Jordan Matter’s books, which have largely helped to shape his own photography methods.

If you are interested, Ashkan Image would love to invite you to join us starting from the afternoon of Thursday, February 24th to the evening of Sunday, February 27th at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort & Spa in Austin. This will be an opportunity unlike any other to learn from some of the most talented and highly respected people in this ever growing and evolving creative field. It would mean so much to share this experience with anyone interested in dance photography or learning more about different aspects of this art!

Multi colored dress - Fashion Photography

Style-in-Motion Session

Although we have a variety of options to choose from when you are making your photography session selection, our Style-in-Motion Sessions are already proving to be the most popular session in 2022. In fact, even though it is only January, we have booked several Style-in-Motion Sessions in the next few months.

Our Style-in-Motion Sessions are truly the most ultimate timeless gift (to yourself or a loved one!). Simply put, this session is just so… unique and FUN! This session is really a special one for several reasons. It is heavily concept-based and is more of an artistic type of dance photography or fashion photography session. These sessions typically run around 4.5 hours to ensure we have more than enough time to experiment with a vast array of poses, motifs, and poses to make sure we can capture you feeling bold, radiant, and most importantly, comfortable, and confident in your own skin.

Fashion Photography - Close Up

If you are looking for the perfect way to bring together playfulness and creativity in a photography session, the Style-in-Motion Session is the perfect solution that will leave you with striking images you will adore. If this piques your interest, you can read more about a deep dive into our Style-in-Motion Session to determine if it aligns with your dance photography or fashion photography aspirations.

fully equipped photography studio

Our Fully Equipped, State-of-the-Art Photography Studio is now available for Rent!

Last, and certainly not least… we are absolutely delighted to announce that our beautiful photography studio is now available for rent! This is something we have long dreamt of, and it is finally a reality. Whether you are an experienced photographer or videographer, or a total beginner, renting a well-equipped studio is a great option for your next project. Some of the most impressive features of our studio are:

  • Infinity wall/cove – 16′ x 12′ x 14′
  • Multitude of colored paper backgrounds available
  • Full set of high-quality still photography flashes, soft boxes available
  • Varied light stand capabilities
  • Overhead light boom
  • Several continuous/video lights available – daylight and colored
  • overhead lighting grid with full LED RGB capable lights
  • iPad control for lighting grid and floor colored aperture lights
  • Ample space, chairs, and tables for MUA set up
  • Moveable walls for changing corner set up
  • Conveniently located by downtown Houston
  • Easy outdoor access
  • Located within a building full of artists and creatives (Sawyer Yards)

Whether dance photography is your niche, or it is something else entirely, this studio is truly a remarkable option for any sort of upcoming photography or videography projects.


For more specific details and information related to pricing and booking, click here.

2022 is already off to a fantastic start, and we truly believe this is just the beginning. We want to express our gratitude for the continued support and wonderful opportunities that have come our way. Thanks to dance photography, we truly believe we get to work alongside some of the most lovely, talented people. As we carry on and ride this wave of momentum, we are bringing a deep sense of enthusiasm for all the things to come. We know this is just the beginning!

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