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Ashkan Image is an Iranian-American photographer specializing in dance photography. He works with many of the city’s most renowned dancers and choreographers, capturing their artistry in motion. Ashkan has a unique eye for capturing the beauty of movement and his images are featured in magazines, galleries, and exhibitions. His work focuses on highlighting the beauty of movement and emotion that is expressed through dance. With his creative vision and technical expertise, he is able to create stunning visuals that capture the beauty of dance in photography.

Ashkan has been capturing the beauty of dance for years and specializes in creating stunning images that capture the emotion and athleticism of dance. His work has been featured in magazines and his passion for dance photography is evident in every image he captures. He has worked with dancers from all over and in his current home of Houston, TX.

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Ashkan Image is a fully equipped studio with the right equipment and know-how that is essential for creating stunning dance photography. With the right tools, he captures the beauty and grace of dancers in motion and creates dynamic images that tell a story. The studio utilizes lighting equipment, backdrops, and a designer wardrobe to help create a unique look for each shoot. Additionally, having knowledge of different techniques such as slow shutter speed or panning can add an extra layer of creativity to any dance photography session. Dancers come from all over to book with Ashkan Image, sign up to come see us in Houston, TX!

Dance Photography

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If you’re passionate about dance photography, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you can ask all your burning questions and get real answers that will help you on your photography journey. Whether it’s learning how to capture the perfect moment or how to light a dance performance, our team will provide you with the insight and advice that you need. So don’t hesitate to ask anything – we are here to help!

dance photography

dance photography

dance photography

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With a variety of dance photography sessions and workshops, you can book your own photoshoot or sign up for a coaching session that suits your needs and start learning from the pros. So don’t wait any longer – take the first step and browse our offerings today!


Our studio has a variety of amenities that create an easy-going environment. We also have a live-viewing monitor of all the images as they’re being shot so that our clients can see themselves in each shot.

If the lighting or posing is not to their taste, then we can correct it immediately. Our studio is fully equipped for any style of photos that you are looking for.


Capturing natural movement has allowed us to create imagery that evokes our clients personalities and energy in a pure way. This translates to bringing an unmatched creative element to our product photography as well.

From the lighting to the life in the imagery, we bring our unique skills to our photography.


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