In this new era where everything has gone digital, first impressions are being formed less and less through a physical handshake and in-person meeting, and more through what your online presence conveys about you. Your headshot is the first thing anyone will see that gives them an idea of who you are. A headshot is a symbol of your own personal “brand” and is the perfect opportunity to show the world who you are. Having a photographer who captures your unique personality in your photos is what differentiates a superior headshot from an average one. Ashkan Image has spent years refining our craft to become a go-to choice as a Houston headshots photographer to help people showcase their best selves in their photos.

The team at Ashkan Image has spent over a decade cultivating our unique skillset by photographing a variety of wonderful clients. We have years of experience in photographing many types of headshots. Our photography studio is conveniently located in the center of Houston’s Fine Art community at Sawyer Yards. We have experience capturing headshots for any need, from sleek executives to young entrepreneurs, as well as dance headshots, headshots for casting calls, or a headshot needed for fashion editorial photography. 

Whether you are just wanting to upgrade a LinkedIn photo or need headshots to pass along for auditions, we understand the importance of capturing the perfect image. We know you have a lot of options when searching for a Houston headshots photographer, and we strive for nothing less than excellence and exceeded expectations. 

What sets us apart? When looking for a Houston headshots photographer, you want someone who can capture images that look and feel effortlessly candid. Our images have been described as unmatched in supreme quality.  Our experience in Fine Art photography and our background in dance photography allows us to create images of all types with a unique sense of movement that adds to a natural look and feel. 

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We offer a variety of different headshot photography sessions, and as your go-to Houston headshots photographer, our primary goal is to provide a beautiful, natural feel balanced with a creative edge in your imagery. Our cutting-edge photography studio near downtown Houston offers everything to ensure your photo session is seamless, comfortable, and fun. We have completed headshots for artists, dancers, actors, corporations and businesses such as Target, Excel Diagnostics, Goodman Corp and more. No matter who you are, your headshot is important. It is what will help shape first impressions of you online, and it is important to put your best self forward. Allow us to do the heavy lifting for you. 

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Because of our extensive background in Dance Photography, when in headshot Sessions, we are able to guide in posing with ease and precision that is unparalleled. Our understanding of movement and the body allows us to aid in making you feel and look at your best. We understand that most people are not familiar or comfortable with being in front of the camera, and it is our job to ensure we make it as easy and fun as possible.

The way we guide in posing, our mood boards that we create prior to the session, as well as our consultation call a week before the session create an environment of confidence and comfort for our clients. We are honored to have developed this atmosphere in our studio.


Our studio has a variety of amenities that create an easy-going environment. We also have a live-viewing monitor of all the images as they’re being shot so that our clients can see themselves in each shot.

If the lighting or posing is not to their taste, then we can correct it immediately. Our studio is fully equipped for any style of headshots that you are looking for.


Capturing natural movement has allowed us to create imagery that evokes our clients personalities and energy in a pure way. We have cultivated this skill to make sure you always feel at ease throughout the headshot process.

From the lighting, to the life in the imagery, we bring our unique skills to headshot photography.



Brainstorm. When we have our consultation call, if you have a vision for what you’re looking for, communicating it to us through samples and specific details will help.

We can also create a concept for you, colors and all. So just brainstorm on your specific tastes and interests, and colors you prefer with your skin tone and more. Take this as a chance to get to know yourself! We will create a concept that complements you.


If your Session includes hair and makeup, then find as many examples of what you’re looking for as possible. There are a surprising amount of different kinds of smokey eye looks than you’d think. Find the one that suits you best, that makes you feel the most excited and confident.



Can’t decide on a backdrop color? Go to Pinterest, google images, or Instagram and start collecting images that you want to replicate. We can take the lighting, the makeup, the hair, the colors, from all of the photos that you bring us, and we can put them together in a way that captures your unique vision.



Are there any pieces that you want to be photographed in? Any colors that you think go with any of the colors you’ve been playing with? If so, bring them! We encourage our clients to bring as much wardrobe as possible so that we have a large variety to work with. 


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