New things happening at Ashkan Image

This year has been a full of new projects, creative experiments, and growing the team. With so much NEW to share, we are excited to show you what we have been working on and to see what this new season will bring!

We’ve been VERY busy over at Ashkan Image…

Spring has historically been thought of as a time of renewal and growth, the emergence of new beginnings after a season of growing, planning, and preparing in the winter months. Finally, all of our hard work behind the scenes is finally in full bloom this spring. Ashkan Image has seen a tremendous amount of growth, both from a professional and personal standpoint. We are so eager to share all of the new things underway at Ashkan Image, including our two very special new additions to the team.

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New Website

In the spirit of spring and sprucing things up, Ashkan Image is so proud of our newly revamped website. We are distinctly aware of the powerful effect a beautiful image has, especially in the digital sphere, where the image is often times someone’s first impression of you. This same principle is deeply intertwined with a business’ website. We wanted to make sure our website was aesthetically pleasing, because as a creative team working closely with the arts, we have a strong appreciation for the beauty in life.

Moreover, we also wanted the new website to be easy to navigate. We wanted you to be able to find exactly what you are looking for on our website with ease, while also enjoying the look and feel of things. Form meets function for us at Ashkan Image and this is beautifully reflected in our new website that we are so pleased with. Whether you are looking for spring photography in Houston, or to learn more about our unique process, make sure to check the website out if you have not already.

New Studio

Did you know we moved into a new studio?! It was a topic of discussion for quite a while, and when the perfect new studio opportunity presented itself, we simply could not pass it up. We are still located in Sawyer Yards, the same incredible area we have been fortunate enough to call our creative home for many years.

Not only is this exciting for people coming to our studio for a photography session, but it is exciting news for any other photographer, videographer, or creative in search of the perfect studio to rent for their next creative endeavor. Our new studio is available for rent and offers the perfect amenities for any spring photography in Houston project you can dream up. The new infinity wall is an absolute game-changer when it comes to the realm of possibilities. We have longed to have one of these for quite some time, and it is everything we could have hoped for and more. Thanks to the curved nature of the wall resulting in a lack of angles, shadows do not appear in the background the way they usually would. This is a photographer’s dream!

Furthermore, Ashkan Image has all of the background colors you could dream of. The background color sets the mood in any photography or videography session, and we have a glorious assortment of options to choose from to make sure you do not have to compromise on your vision.

Be sure to check out more details of the features of our gorgeous new studio, including details on the infinity wall, lighting, and other amenities available. We would love to welcome you into our new creative home, either for the creative photography session of your dreams, or as a photography studio in Houston to rent to bring your own project to life.  Ashkan Image is so excited about all of the possibilities related to spring photography in Houston!

New Babies

Speaking of spring being the season of new life, Ashkan and his wife, Christina, welcomed their beautiful twins to the earth on March 18, 2022, exactly two days before the official spring equinox! They have a boy and a girl and are absolutely over the moon. The adjustment to parenting and managing everything else brings with it a learning curve, but that is to be expected and it is one they feel so grateful for. Everyone is happy and healthy in this new season.

New Goals

Each changing of the season is a great opportunity to evaluate goals and make adjustments or create new goals, which is exactly what Ashkan Image has done this spring. We are constantly looking for ways in which we can improve and assessing which direction we would like to try and grow in. Furthermore, we are always keen to try new ideas and move toward whatever feels most inspiring to us at the time.

Currently, in this season of spring photography in Houston, we are really excited to step even more into fashion and fashion photography. Fashion has always been a major element of our creative process and photography sessions, and we are especially looking forward to harnessing our enthusiasm for fashion in more fashion photography sessions. We love getting to work with fashion designers and boutiques and cannot wait to see what will emerge as we begin our journey of growing even more in the world of fashion photography.

Photography that captures who YOU are.

We can capture your unique personality and style. We have sessions for dance auditions as well as creative sessions and fashion sessions, which offer a large range of diverse options. Never feel limited in your self-expression and see what session best fits your needs!

Lastly, we want to share some images we are just loving lately from our favorite session we offer, the Style-in-Motion Session. This is the ultimate photography experience, where we provide designer pieces, makeup design, and original styling. Everything in the session is curated specifically to you and your individual preferences. If you are looking for the ultimate  Houston photography experience, our Style-in-Motion Session might be the answer you have been looking for. 


Our Style-in-Motion sessions include:


  • Up to 5 hour session
  • Designer pieces hand picked for you and styled to your unique taste
  • Pieces styled by one of Houston’s best fashion stylists from luxury boutiques and well-known local designers
  • Includes 30 edited images that show off your personality and unique expression
  • Your choice of up to 3 backdrops
  • Proofing album available for the client to make choices
  • Hair and Makeup artist


Images We LOVE Right Now


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