A Unique Perspective on Commercial Photography in Houston



And why should you choose Ashkan Image for commercial photography in Houston?

Are you considering commercial photography in Houston, but don’t know if that’s exactly what you are in need of? Do a simple Google search of “photography” and you will find there is quite a lengthy list when it comes to the different types of photography.

Commercial photography is an umbrella term that includes several subsets such as retail photography, product photography, and architectural photography, just to name a few.

Ashkan Image takes commercial photography to the next level with a mastery in movement.

The primary goal of commercial photography is to showcase a particular product, service, place, or experience in a way that promotes or supports the success and growth of a business or event.

The most impactful commercial photography differentiates itself and tells a story to the viewer somehow.

Ashkan Image has a unique perspective when it comes to commercial photography in Houston, thanks to our distinctive expertise in many types of photography.

We create custom quotes based on your commercial project's needs.


Capturing movement is a complex skill that we have spent more than 10 years continually refining and improving upon, and is thus one of our favorite ways to provide striking commercial photography in Houston.

We are privileged to have photographed some of the most talented dancers in the US, as well as athletes, which has given us ample opportunity to hone our craft and master the art of utilizing movement in our photography. Moreover, knowing how to capture movement can have a truly compelling effect, bringing the image to life.

Incorporating movement in photography gives a sense that the scene in the image is not just bound to its dimensions but can actually come to life in the viewer’s mind.

Our team has produced some truly dynamic imagery over the years. Aside from having incredible subjects to photograph, one of the most key components that really makes photos stand out is the usage of movement in them. Bringing movement into your commercial photography in Houston session is a fantastic way to ensure your images are vibrant and gripping.


Light is an element of photography that is easy to overlook and underestimate. However, we prefer to think of light as the secret ingredient that can really make all aspects of an image come together perfectly to create something special. The specific light used coupled with the light placement dictates the overall mood of any photograph.

Ashkan Image is well-known for our dramatic lighting and unique setups to create powerful imagery, so much so that we even offer lighting workshops after seeing so many people express an interest in our philosophy and approach. As you might have guessed, knowing how to best use light is essential in commercial photography, as well as using high-quality lights and equipment.

Ashkan Image’s expertise in lighting ensures an image communicates the intended message with viewers, which we love to utilize when providing commercial photography in Houston.

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Ashkan Image strives to continually be a pioneer in the world of photography. We are passionate about bringing innovative dimensions to commercial photography in Houston through fusing together our mastery in movement and light.

By knowing how to most effectively integrate light and motion during our photography sessions, our images come out with remarkable elements that have been known to distinguish the imagery from what you usually come across.

Coupling dramatic lighting with dynamic movement proves time and time again to produce striking imagery for a wide variety of fields and industries.


When it comes to providing commercial photography in Houston (and elsewhere!), we especially love when it crosses over with one of our great loves: fashion photography. For us, fashion photography offers us endless opportunities to be creative and come up with groundbreaking ideas for how to best create captivating imagery. When we get to blend fashion and commercial photography together, it is one of our favorite ways to think outside of the box and explore our creative depth.

We are privileged to have provided commercial photography in Houston for many local designers, boutiques, and models. In these sessions, we really push the bounds to get imaginative. We think about how we can capture the pieces in a way that actually bring them to life, which is where our expertise in movement and lighting come in.

Furthermore, we know how to best guide models through varied poses and movements to achieve the dynamic photos we are aiming for. We know that even the tiniest details count when it comes to capturing fashion photography, which is why we are so passionate about providing the best fashion and commercial photography in Houston.

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The most powerful photography serves as a catalyst in some way, which can take place in many ways. For example, it can prompt the viewer to check out the featured brand or designer or elicit an emotional response of some sort. No matter who the client is we are working with, it is our goal to always provide cutting-edge commercial photography in Houston. If you are curious about our process or the types of sessions we offer, we offer free consultations. We love helping brands tell their story through compelling imagery – we would love to help you or your business!

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