New Business & Lighting Workshops


Lighting Workshops

101 – Beginner

102 – Intermediate

103 – Expert


As a photographer, lighting is the most crucial fundamental to master. Do you have trouble finding the perfect light placement? Or are you trying to define your style and push the boundaries of your creativity? In these lighting photography workshops, you will learn from Ashkan Roayee, the key elements of dramatic lighting.

From first lighting your subject to bringing out every artistic angle and shadow, you will be prepared to set up and execute your artistic vision. When looking for photography workshops in Houston, choose one that challenges you and instills a love for creative artistry in every lesson.

"Wherever there is light, one can photograph." — Alfred Stieglitz

Business Workshops

101 – Beginner

102 – Intermediate

103 – Expert


One of the most important aspects that every photographer must learn to balance is the business of it all. It’s one thing to take beautiful photos and keep your clients happy in front of the camera, and it is quite another to manage the logistics of your business. Your brand requires the foresight to prepare for anything that may come your way and the knowledge to set up strong business practices that help you along your journey.


As one of Houston’s leading commercial and dance photography studios, Ashkan Image is excited to offer specialized one on one coaching on studio lighting, photography, and business expertise. By choosing this monthly workshop package, you are choosing to set yourself up for the ultimate success. Ashkan Roayaee will lead you through a series of courses that are catered specifically toward your goals and needs.

Explore the possibilities of your business with tips to build a lasting foundations and learn every key element to keep creating imagery that stands out and is visually appealing.

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