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Private Coaching


Are you looking to learn photography? Or maybe broaden your skills as an artist? Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced photographer, we offer are photography lessons tailored to your experience level. From a practical standpoint, with the right guidance, you can take your skills to the next level and become a master of your craft. Additionally, the right guidance and expertise can allow you to explore and perfect your own unique style of photography. From basic camera settings and composition techniques to more advanced lighting and post-processing tips, our photography lessons will help you get the most out of your camera and your creativity.

Private coaching gives you an added advantage over fighting for time in a larger class and allows you to take a course specifically catered to your experience. Build on the foundation you already have or start from the beginning and work directly toward your goals!

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” — Anthony J. D’Angelo

private coaching

Set Yourself Apart


Coaching is a powerful tool that can help you reach your goals and maximize your potential. One-on-one coaching provides an individualized approach to achieving success. It allows you to focus on what matters most to you and gives you the opportunity to receive personalized feedback and guidance from an experienced coach. With one-on-one coaching, you can gain clarity on where you want to go, create actionable plans for getting there, and learn how to stay motivated along the way. All it takes is the right know-how, encouragement, and lots of practice to move from beginner to expert. Private coaching also sets you apart from others by giving you access to specialized knowledge and resources that can help accelerate your progress towards success. Utilizing time to try out high quality equipment and techniques can help you accelerate in your learning journey.

Learn new skills during live sessions!

Learning in real-time is the way of the future. With live sessions, you can now observe and learn new skills and put them into practice immediately. You don’t need to wait for a class to start or a book to arrive – you can try out your new skills on the models and props available to you and see the results in action. The ability to learn in real-time has made learning more effective and efficient than ever before.

In a live session, not only will you be given the chance to try out your new knowledge of lighting, fabric, and posing, but you’ll also be able to see instant results and make the necessary corrections in real time to refine your abilities. In order to really improve and add to your creative process, you need to actively work toward perfecting your process, which is where our live sessions are so useful.

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private coaching
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